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Wildflowers are the backbone of a healthy environment for a wide range of insects - bees depend on them for survival in densely populated human locations, such as urban housing and city centres.
Letting loose a seed bomb is the perfect way to have a little fun while doing your bit to protect the wildlife in your area. Whether it’s a patch of lawn, flowerbed, plant pot or a rather sad looking meadow, let fly and allow nature to take it’s cause.
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  • Peat-Free compost.

  • Water.

  • Powdered clay (normally found in craft shops).

  • Mixing bowl.

  • Seeded - Meadow. flower seeds or seeds from your garden or combine seeds.

  • from our list below.

  • Bulbous Buttercup.

  • Chamomile.

  • Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil.

  • Common Spotted-orchid.

  • Common Knapweed.

  • Lady’s bedstraw.

  • Wild Thyme.

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Check what time of year the seeds you have select are ideally planted for best results.

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RWC Wild Flowers.webp