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Through the colder sessions, putting out small amounts of leftovers can help hedgehogs make it through.
Due to the hedgehog nocturnal nature, you may never be aware that your little friend has rolled through your neighbourhood. 
Putting out food all year round can be damaging to your hedgehog's way of life as it makes them reliant on an unnatural food source. However, putting out food during winter gives the hedgehogs a little extra chub to help them through those harsh climates.
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  • Specialist Hedgehog food can be found at most garden centres - This helps to keep their teeth sharp and clean. Alternatively, meat-based cat food, yum!

  • Cat food, believe it or not, can attract cats! Shocker. Try placing the food under a brick shelter with a hedgehog sized cap in it.

  • Make sure to replace this food each night even if your hedgehog stood you up, freshness is key. Also, try moving the feeding spot as this will create a more natural way of feeding for your hog.

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DO NOT FEED YOUR HEDGEHOG FRIEND BREAD AND MILK, this can cause sickness and diarrhoea.

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