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You will be responsible for preparing products according to everyday factory needs.  Work-in-progress consists of two areas: Sterilising and Preparation Room.


In the first one all delivered products get a final check and are sterilised before being passed to high care area. Preparation Room is responsible for dispatching all the products in designated places and later transforming them to mixes, portions and all other kinds of cuts. 


All according to high standards of hygiene required in food industry. Both are chilled areas, so You must be prepared to work in a temperature up to 5 degrees Celsius.

 Pay: £10 Hourly
Shift Pattern:  5 days a week - various rota pattern including weekends (Flexibility required)
Morning shift – starting 06.00AM / 07.00AM


Sterilising area:

  • Visual quality checks of all daily delivered products

  • Preparing fruit and vegetables according to everyday needs

  • Operating sterilising machines and maintaining them in good condition

  • As one of Critical Control Points – sterilising products in specially prepared tanks

  • and making checks if appropriate solution levels are maintained 

  • Ensuring the quality and integrity of all packed products is maintained

  • Traceability: recording all amounts and dates of passed products, making sure all are within required minimum use by date

  • Keeping the documentation abreast and ready by the end of the shift

  • Ad hoc contacting with WIPs and other departments to make all the processes go without mishaps

  • Keeping Your area, equipment and machinery in cleanliness during and after work. Making sure that it doesn’t affect surrounding areas

Preparation area:

  • Dispatching and putting in place products passed from Sterilising area

  • Visual checks of products before using them and reporting any issues to supervisor

  • Processing fruit and vegetables according to daily needs

  • Portioning and cutting various products

  • Making mixes according to set recipes

  • Keeping the traceability of all used products, mixes

  • Operating and cleaning WIPs machinery

  • Keeping work area clean during and when finishing work

  • If required, helping in the other part of the Department

  • Introducing all necessary changes and rules and explaining them to subordinates

  • Ad hoc duties as directed by your Manager/Supervisor

The successful candidate:

  • Good accuracy and organisational skills

  • Friendly and a team player

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