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The most magical time of year – a tinsel-filled tree, yummy food and drink, not to mention all the presents Santa will be shimmy-ing down the chimney. It really is the most magical time of the year.


Sadly, that’s not the Christmas many children all over the UK will be enjoying and that’s just not ok with us. That’s why we’re supporting children's charities this year. They’re a fantastic charity who, at Christmas make sure children don’t go hungry, that they have warmth and experience some magic in their Christmas.


And it’s really easy to help – just add our Festive Favourites to your order. For each order, we receive we’ll make a donation to children's charities on your behalf!”

Webiste XMAS_Limited Edition.png

Please stop by again sometime, we will we keep you updated on how your money is helping children this Christmas. All you have to do is buy a FESTIVE FAVOURITE and scan the QR code on the pack. 

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