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We have a range of salad bowls available, including plant based and halal varieties. All our pre-prepared salads are CQUIN compliant. To find out the latest products we can offer you call us on 0117 329 5020 or send us an email.

Moroccan Mezze Bowl

Falefal with Herby Tabbouleh, Beetroot Hummus and Rocket 

Tuna Nicoise

Tuna with Potato, Black Olives, Free Range Egg, Cherry Tomatos, Baby Mixed Leaves and French Dressing

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Caribbean Inspired Bowl

Pulled BBQ Oumph! pieces with Carribean style lentil rice, Mango Salsa and Lettuce

Ham Hock, Potato & Egg

Pulled Ham Hock with Mustard Potato Salad, Free Range Egg, Cherry Tomatoes and Lettuce

Chicken Tikka Bowl

Chicken in a Tikka Spiced Mayonnaise with Chana Madras, Rita style salad and Spinach

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