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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Sometimes we get so carried away with shouting about our amazing food that we forget to mention the pretty special packaging it comes in.

Take our sandwiches and wraps, did you know that their wrapping is made completely from trees, reducing our plastic use by a whopping 83% by using a cellulose lining. Cellulose, the main substance in the walls of plant cells, allows you to still see what you are eating but ensures your great great grandchildren won’t. Recyclable through mixed and card streams, and industrially compostable, we also only use FSC certified card meaning that any trees harmed in the production of our packs

are from a responsibly managed forest and numerous trees are planted in its place - we know, fancy.

What about unavoidable plastic, isn’t all plastic the devil, we hear you scream? Well not always it would turn out. Working with some of the UK’s leading packaging brainbots, we have managed to find a way to use 97% used plastic content and is produced here in England using hydro and solar power - again...very fancy.

This is all very well for us to say, but ultimately responsible recycling is the responsibility of you and every sandwich eater* out there. However, saying that, we have tried to make it a little easier for us forgetful souls out there, adding easy-to-digest instructions across our new packaging designs. Take a leaf out of our sustainability champion, Henry the Hedgehog’s book - “don’t be a prick, recycle your waste.”

(*recycling should be the norm for everyone, even the weird folk who don’t like sandwiches…)

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