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Assisting with the overall responsibility for the day-to-day organisation and management of the business, assist with supervising the performance of team members and executing necessary actions for their motivation and development when required.

Full-time / Permanent

location: Avonmouth

Salary: competitive

Key Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Ensuring employees arrive for duty on time and for the correct shift

  • Be forthcoming with ways to improve the business and promote continuous improvement

  • Work to produce the highest quality products, follow all quality standards as well as legal requirements, ensuring that quality always comes before speed and that every attempt is made to ensure all products that leave your line are of the highest quality and to the correct filling levels

  • You are required to maintain levels of efficiency without compromising quality standards, this involves assisting individual team members, identifying weak or slow areas, and effectively managing product changeovers

  • To monitor and develop the performance of all team members

  • Follow the production order plan, ensuring allergen controls and efficiency are considered.

  • Identify training requirements and work with your manager to arrange implementation of training

  • Maintain discipline throughout the team, achieved with the use of informal warnings and the disciplinary procedure

  • Work with your manager to ensure adequate cover is available to cover your responsibilities when you are absent through sickness or holiday

  • To ensure all paperwork is completed accurately and fully

  • Identify improvements and encourage improvements

  • Identify problems quickly and take effective action to resolve problems

  • To monitor and work to improve Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

  • Working with your manager schedule and carry out staff appraisals on an annual basis

  • On occasion, you will be required to take on the responsibilities of the Supervisor

  • Maintain regular consistent and professional attendance, punctuality, personal appearance, and adherence to relevant health & safety procedures

  • Be willing to support other business areas as needed

Skills and Capabilities

  • Previous supervisory experience is essential for this role

  • Excellent motivator and communicator

  • Excellent customer service and problem-solving skills

  • Excellent attention to detail and numerical skills

  • Ability to work well in a pressurised environment

  • Co-operates and works well with others throughout the company in pursuit of team goals, sharing information and supporting others

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